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01. What you need to know before you apply your Visa on Arrival for Vietnam?

Here you will find all the answers about frequently asked questions about the process “What you need to know before you apply your Visa on Arrival for Vietnam“, with Prime Travel Vietnam. If you don’t find the question and answer you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact us ! 

  • Which visa are available? And what kind of Visa I can apply for? Prime Travel Vietnam only request tourist VOA’s Visa on arrival letter. The following visas are available
    •  01 month single entry – Allows you to stay in Vietnam for 1 month and only enter the country once. 01 month multiple entry – Allows you to stay in Vietnam for 1 month and enter and leave the country several times. 03 months single entry – Allows you to stay in Vietnam for 3 months and enter the country once.03 months multiple entry – Allows you to stay in Vietnam for 3 months and to enter and leave the country several times.
    * Please note that requests made in the month of February for March can be counted as 28 or 29 days as an exception!
  • Single or multiple entry? With a single entry you can enter Vietnam once. As soon as you leave the country, the visa expires. With a multiple entry you can enter Vietnam several times within the validity period. This is ideal for travelers who want to do a short visit to a neighboring country, for example.
  • How long in advance can I apply for my visa (VOA)? You can start the application 12 months in advance. 
  • Is it possible to arrive before or after the arrival date I applied for my approval letter? No, you can’t arrive earlier than the start date mentioned on your letter. It’s no problem to arrive day(s) later then the requested date. Please keep in mind that you visa will start on the requested date anyway! If there a chance that your flight will be moved forward? Then make sure that the date on the invitation letter starts 2 days earlier. Keep in mind that your end date is 2 days earlier as well. Arriving later than the start date is possible.
  • Is it possible to fly to another airport than the one I have filled in on my application form? Yes. This is not a problem at all. As long as you enter via an international airport, you can apply for your visa. Make sure you have printed out the correct documents. You can enter at the following airports: Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City), Phu Quoc, Da Nang and Cam Ranh.
  • I arrive with an airplane but want to leave with a bus, boat or train. Is that allow with the VOA procedure? Yes. With the visa you can leave the country through all borders. With a multiple entry visa, except for the first time (when you need to arrive by plane), you can travel back into Vietnam via the borders as well.
  • I want to enter and exit from different airports. Is this allowed? Yes. You can enter and leave through all international airports. 
  • What is ‘stamping fee’? This is the amount that you pay to the Vietnamese government for the visa processing at the airport. After the payment you get your stamp in your passport and you can enter Vietnam. For Single entry the costs are 25USD per visa and for multiple entry 50USD per visa. Make sure you have this amount in cash with you (in USD).
  • Does my passport pictures that I have to take with me for my Application form have to be the same as the photo on my passport? No. It may be other photos. Vietnam is not as strict as the European requirements. Make sure that both photos you submit are the same and in color. Formats accepted: 4×6, 3×5 or 2×4.
  • Can I apply for a business visa? No. Friends Travel Vietnam only request tourist visa on arrivals for their clients.
  • How do I obtain the visa in Vietnam? When you arrive at the airport you go to the immigration desk before you go through customs. Hand over the correct forms and wait until the visa is ready. Make sure you have the right papers and hand over the amount in US dollars.
  • Do I have to apply for a visa for my children? Yes. Children need a visa just like adults. For this you simply follow the same online procedure. If your child is still in your passport, you only need the authorization letter. With an own passport you also have to pay a stamp fee for children.
  • I travel with a group, do I have to apply for a visa for everyone? Yes, every traveler must apply for a separate visa for Vietnam. Both children and adults. You can’t enter Vietnam without a visa.
  • Can I fly to Vietnam without a visa and buy my visa at the airport? No. Your visa has to be applied for before departure using the VOA procedure or an embassy or consulate. When checking in the airline will ask to show your visa or approval letter. If you can’t present it, you can’t board the plane.
  • Is the visa on arrival the same visa as the one you get at an embassy or consulate? Yes, both visas are identical.
  • What’s the convenience when you apply for an VOA procedure compared to the Vietnamese embassy or consulate? The cost is lower with the VOA procedure- You can apply easily online- You don’t have to send or temporary give your passport- You can do the VOA procedure from anywhere in the world- You can contact us 24-7 with your questions.
  • What are the inconvenience? When arriving on the airport in Vietnam, you will have to wait for your visa to be ready. Waiting time is between 10 and 50 minutes depending on how many co-applicants are there. You can give your documents to the visa officer and wait for your visa to be ready so you don’t have to wait in line.
  • What’s exactly the meaning of ‘ visa on arrival approval letter of ’?The approval letter is a letter issued by the Vietnamese immigration department which allows you to get a visa on arrival at an international airport in Vietnam. In this letter you will find some of your personal details and the validity period for your visa. When you fill out the application form with Friends Travel Vietnam we send it to the immigration department in Hanoi. Make sure that you print the approval letter. You show the letter on the airport (together with the other necessary documents) in order to receive the visa. 
  • Is the VOA actually my visa? No. The VOA is the authorization letter with which you can collect your visa at the airport. Take this letter to the immigration office at the airport and you will receive your visa after paying 25USD or 50USD. It’s depend on type of VOA you requested.
  • From where can I apply for a VOA? You can apply for your VOA online from anywhere in the world. This will be done online and we send the authorization letter to you by e-mail. Then you only have to print it out. It’s that easy!
  • Why are there several people on the authorization letter? The Vietnamese government is doing this to save costs and time. There are random persons on the same letter. If you don’t want this, you can request a private letter for a small additional charge (€ 3 per person). This ensures that only your details are on the letter.
  • I am a Vietnamese passport holder. Do I have to follow the VOA procedure? When you are a Vietnamese passport holder, but you are not living in Vietnam you can travel to Vietnam visa-free. We do advise to contact the Vietnamese Embassy for further information what will be required. There is a possibility that you need to apply for a visa exemption document, which you have to present upon arrival. Unfortunately, Friends Travel Vietnam can’t help you with this. 
  • Is it possible to get an invoice/receipt regarding the VOA application fee? Yes. Send an email to [email protected] with the application number or the email address used for the application. We will send your invoice/receipt to your email.
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